Full-stack developer, TypeScript, Ionic & Angular expert


  • (Lead) development
  • Technical architecture
  • Code quality
  • Developer experience (DX)
  • Continuous integration (CI)
  • Code audit
  • Technological choices, R&D
  • Documentation

Professional experience

Angular, Ionic, Capacitor, TypeScript, RxJS expert developer

For 5 years (2018), as a freelance

I help teams of all kinds of companies with their Angular and Ionic development.

Examples of companies where where I intervened:
  • startups (Flitdesk, Sam Assurances, Antelop,...)
  • key account clients (Hermès, Renault, Engie, Elis,...)
  • software editors (Business Document, Infoelsa, Adesoft, Silae, Up n biz / Karburan,...)
  • public sector (universités, administrations,...)
  • web agencies (Inside Group, Maltem / Omnilog, LogDirect,...)
List of my main expertise:
  • participate in Angular and Ionic development inside existing teams
  • help to choose the good frameworks, libraries and tools, according to the technical goals
  • set up an architecture which is able to scale up
  • audit existing Angular and Ionic projects
  • help migrate to new dependencies versions to reduce technical debt
  • upskill team members
  • write documentation to share knowledge across the team
  • design a solution, and provide code templates to the team to apply and repeat easily
  • ease technical onboarding of a new recruit into the team
  • provide developers tools for better productivity
  • improve code quality to reduce bugs and maintenance costs
  • set up continuous integration (CI)
  • set up unit and e2e tests

Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, Node, Deno contributing developer

For 7 years (2016), as a freelance

Author and developer of several tools made available to the community, see the list below.

List of the main skills it requires:
  • development of Angular libraries
  • RxJS development with high asynchronous complexity
  • TypeScript development with the VS Code extension API
  • development of a Node API for licenses and software updates
  • development of a CLI with Node and Deno
  • unit tests
  • e2e tests
  • continuous integration (CI) with GitHub Actions
  • continuous delivery (CD) with npm and vsce
  • documentation writing
  • issues management
  • relationship with the user community

Front-end lead developer (desktop and mobile)

1 year and 6 months (2019-2020), at Flitdesk

Front lead developer as a freelance in Flitdesk, a concierge mobile application for businesses, in a team working in agile methodology.

List of the main projects for which I was in charge:
  • Ionic and Angular development
  • upskill team members
  • migration from Ionic 3 to Ionic 5+
  • migration from Cordova to Capacitor
  • set up an architecture to scale up
  • improve code quality to reduce bugs and maintenance costs
  • set up a store / state management
  • set up continuous integration (CI) with GitHub Actions
  • set up continuous delivery (CD) with Ionic AppFlow
  • automating dependencies update with Renovate
  • design a solution for tables and provide code templates to the team
  • write documentation
  • help recruit new team members, and help the technical onboarding

Angular, RxJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS trainer

6 years (2012-2018), as a freelance

I taught 1100 developers and provided 240 front-end and back-end trainings (Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5 / CSS3, PHP / MySQL).

Angular, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL trainer

2 years (2010-2012), at Alter Way

PHP / MySQL trainings, and HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript and Angular trainings author.

Fullstack developer

3 years (2007-2010), at Kinoa

Front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and back-end (PHP, MySQL) development of web sites for key account clients.
Project management.
Official PHP certification.

Fullstack developer

8 years (1999-2007), self-taught

Full development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL) of personal and associative websites, self training.


Schematics Pro

For 2 years (2021)

Author and developer of Schematics Pro, a paid enhanced version of Angular Schematics (see below), which also works with any other framework: React, Vue, Svelte, Stencil, Lit, Nest,...

TypeScript strictly typed

For 3 years (2020)

Author and developer of typescript-strictly-typed, a CLI to configure TypeScript in full type safety mode (instead of partial mode by default), to code with the same quality level as in Java, .Net or Rust.

Angular Schematics for Visual Studio Code

For 5 years (2018)

Author and developer of Angular Schematics, a Visual Studio Code extension installed 800 000 times. It is an automation tool for Angular and Ionic developers, focused on better productivity, but also on architecture and optimization good practices.

Angular client side storage library

For 7 years (2016)

Author and developer of a simple and performant client-side storage library for Angular, powered by RxJS. Downloaded 13000 times per week, and heavily tested via GitHub Actions.


Professional trainings

  • React (2016, Openska)
  • PHP 7 (2016, Openska)
  • Node.js (2014, Mediabox)
  • Object Oriented Programming (2011, Alter Way)
  • MySQL development (2010, Alter Way)
  • PHP 5 (2008, Alter Way)


English & French

I traveled to Japan, the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Europe.